Champions Are Made Travel Program

CAM Sports was established in 2014 as a private organization that provides basketball training, camps, and a travel program.  The travel program started in 2015 based upon the need  to provide professional and persona growth to young student-athletes looking for a more competitive and instructional environment in travel basketball.

Cam Sports mission is to develop young boys and girls as student/athletes with good character, sportsmanship, and academic prowess.  Our basketball specific goals are to develop physical and mental skills, raise their level of play within a team concept, and provide exposure opportunities.

Cam Sports will hold tryout for in Albany, Georgia for the Cam Sports South Team on February 27, 2022.  Tryouts will be for 9th-12th grades.  We will be looking at players to fill an unsigned senior team, 17U team, and 16U team.  There will be a $10 tryout fee.  To register for tryouts, please click the link.

CAM Sports North On the Radar Hoops Events

CAM Sports South Workout 2021

Pictures from 2021 Travel Season